Jésica López: Everyone is a Potential Provocateur

Paintings by Jésica López, curation by Adrian Aguilera

Opening: Saturday, October 5, 2013 – Closing: November 30, 2013

(Austin, Texas); Polyglot Gallery invites the public to a special exhibition by Monterrey, Mexico artist Jésica López at their new South Austin pop-up gallery space on Saturday, October 5 with an opening reception from 6 to 8 PM with the artist.

The exhibition titled, Everyone is a Potential Provocateur, is an exhibition of twenty-five portraits of famous artists painted on Post-It® notes. The series includes portraits of artists chosen by curator Adrian Aguilera such as Cy Twombly, Marina Abramovic, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Andy Warhol – all artists who, according to López, through their craft have and continue to “provoke” change.

“I originally began this project 10 years ago circumstantially. All I had on hand to begin a project was Post-It® notes, brushes, magazines and some acrylic paint”, explains López.

Portrait painting is characteristic of Jésica López’s work, which often employs portrait painting to explore the relationship between representation vs. identity, posture vs. fame. Her work is often executed in a rapid hyperrealistic style. The series of Post-It® notes initiated ten years ago includes a whole sub-series of pop icons, politicians, and actors, each inspired in part by pop art, as well as by artists such as Lichtenstein, or more recent artists such as Karen Kilimnik. The portraits paintings reveal their origins in photography and memory.

Jésica López is represented in Mexico by Galería Enrique Guerrero where her most recent solo exhibit in August 2013, El Retrato,  involved her doing live portraits of the patrons at the gallery. She also shows at Alternativa Once Galería in Garza García and Centro de las Artes II in Monterrey as well as at the Mexican Institute in Paris, France. In 2012 she exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow with an exhibition titled, Saludos a Gagarin: la popularidad es algo irreparable (Salute to Gagarin: Popularity is somewhat irreparable). López show at Polyglot Gallery in Austin is her first US solo exhibition.

When Satire Becomes Art | ARTnews

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A brilliant political cartoon can sum up the follies of the day or the era with a lightning-quick precision unavailable to even the most economical editorial writers. The graphic satirist has at his or her command a whole arsenal for lampoonery: exaggeration, speech balloons, and the usual draftsman’s tools of line, shade, and even color. As “Infinite Jest: Caricature and Satire from Leonardo to Levine,” a show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, up through March 4, makes clear, humorous or scathing works on paper, such as those by Goya or Daumier, can reach a level of artistry that goes far beyond most political cartoons on the op-ed pages of newspapers.

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