WEST Austin Pop-Up featuring Yuliya Lanina, CheriCo (Nick Schnitzer & Sarah Presson) & Andrea Flores



Polyglot Gallery invites the public to a special exhibition in conjunction with the WEST Austin Studio Tour which happens at different locations around West Austin on the weekends of May 10-11 and May 17-18.  Two exhibitions will be on display at the Polyglot Gallery pop-up space on South 2nd Street, these are: Load by CheriCo (the new collaborative project consisting of Nick Schnitzer and Sarah Presson) and Animate by Yuliya Lanina.  There will also be small paintings by Chilean artist, Andrea Flores.

CheriCo artists Schnitzer and Presson met in 2012 and soon found themselves in an intimate relationship.  As sentimental partners they traveled together to India in 2013.  As with any artist who travels they each came away from the intensity of their experience in this vastly different culture with their own observations and interpretations.  The one overarching theme they both noticed was the observation of people carrying impossibly large and shockingly heavy loads either on foot or perched precariously on their antiquated and cumbersome forms of transit, i.e. bikes, rickshaws and animal drawn carts.  Upon returning home, their sense of exotic bewilderment offered an acutely fresh look at their own tendencies to carry, consume, and compensate.  This current body of work is Presson and Schnitzer’s first artistic duet.  The work explores literal weight bearing, allegorical balancing acts, and archetypal harmonies.

Yuliya Lanina is a Russian- born American multimedia artist. Her paintings, animations and animatronic sculptures portray alternate realities that fuse fantasy, femininity, and humor. Employing surreal imagery to simultaneously elicit feelings of uneasiness and empathy, Lanina paints and collages bizarre characters that come to life through mechanization, animation, and music. Laninaʼs characters, mostly female in gender, are made of parts that are not supposed to go together. They act out absurd situations in a somewhat blasé, carefree and humorous manner. These characters are the artistʼs own projections of nonsensical events and their consequences. Their malformed features and parts illustrate internalized trauma and torment while still engaging in the life-affirming celebration of feminine power and its connection to the mysterious, the beautiful, and the sensual.  Lanina draws from many sources to create these characters. Though she often taps into Greek mythology with the half-human and half-animal demigods, she also relies on her personal roots with Russian fairy tales, which are filled with fantastic beings deeply rooted in paganism, mysticism, and symbolism. Her creatures and their stories move freely between logical and illogical, realistic and illusory, predictable and surprising, representing life that can only be lived, but never understood.

WEST Austin Studio Tour Pop-Up Featuring Brooke Mackenzie, Yuliya Lanina, Sarah Davis & Nick Schnitzer

Polyglot Gallery is happy to announce that it will be opening up its by appointment only space as a pop-up gallery for the WEST Austin studio tour which takes place Saturday and Sunday April 27 -28 and May 4-5, where they will be showcasing artwork by Austin-based artists Brooke Mackenzie, Yuliya Lanina and Nick Schnitzer and New York City artist, Sarah Davis.


Brooke Mackenzie graduated from UT with a BFA and then went on to receive her MFA at the Edinburgh College of Art. Her artwork is characterized by its intricacy and attention to detail that often lends her work the illusion of an airy tapestry. A common theme in her body of work is the passage of time, which she illustrates by imbedding images of clock gears and illustrations of the budding, flowering and wilting of a flower, amongst other subtle images. Drawn with delicate lines and a subtle palette, Mackenzie beckons her spectator to slow down and pay attention to the details which slowly reveal themselves.

Yuliya Lanina is a Russian- born American multimedia artist who paints on canvas and paper, makes animations and animatronic sculptures which portray alternate realities that fuse fantasy, femininity, and humor. On exhibit will be her fantastical paintings and video of her signature grotesque yet beautiful imagery work that simultaneously elicit feelings of uneasiness and empathy.

Sarah Davis is a New York based artist whose work has been featured worldwide on subjects ranging from boisterous celebrity culture to tranquil urban and rural landscapes. On exhibit at Polyglot is a selection of her pastel works on paper from the series “Stars and Cars”. Work from this series has been shown in Switzerland, London, Houston and now Austin and has received rave reviews.

Nick Schnitzer was Polyglot’s first artist to be showcased in January in Austin. Return to see his meditative photo reactive and sometime kinetic wall sculptures and paintings come to life with a new led light box installation.

For a PDF catalog please e-mail info@polyglotgallery.com

Nick Schnitzer – Closer to the Divine – March 1 – April 25

As an artist who searches for the divine in every aspect of his daily interactions with others, in the natural systems of the Universe and in anything manmade, it is appropriate that the artwork of Nick Schnitzer is a meditation device to help us to connect to that voice that softly whispers but that so few take the time to quiet the mind to hear.  There are subtle and less subtle referrences to native american, hindi, buddhist and even jewish ritualistic practice in his incorporation of geometry and symbolism associated with these various religions as he re-interprets the color palettes associated with the original intent.  The artist’s utilization of photoreactive paints heightens the Contemporary conversation of the work, giving them a dynamic life in different lighting situations.  As the spectrum of L.E.D. colors flicker on and off around the work, the pieces appear to come to life and pulsate and any spectator cannot help but become entranced.