Nick Schnitzer – Closer to the Divine – March 1 – April 25

As an artist who searches for the divine in every aspect of his daily interactions with others, in the natural systems of the Universe and in anything manmade, it is appropriate that the artwork of Nick Schnitzer is a meditation device to help us to connect to that voice that softly whispers but that so few take the time to quiet the mind to hear.  There are subtle and less subtle referrences to native american, hindi, buddhist and even jewish ritualistic practice in his incorporation of geometry and symbolism associated with these various religions as he re-interprets the color palettes associated with the original intent.  The artist’s utilization of photoreactive paints heightens the Contemporary conversation of the work, giving them a dynamic life in different lighting situations.  As the spectrum of L.E.D. colors flicker on and off around the work, the pieces appear to come to life and pulsate and any spectator cannot help but become entranced.

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