Talk is cheap… so chat us up!

We are once again taking a break at the gallery, this time in order to welcome a new baby in November.  Whereas we will not be showing new work by our artists, we do have a great collection of artwork by Alejandro Rivera, Peter Leventhal, Sarah Davis, Millree Hughes, William Powhida, Michelangelo Bastiani, Adrian Guerrero, Rodrigo Lara, Nick Schnitzer, Yuliya Lanina, Claude Mathey and a few others.  We are always happy to have you over for a cup of coffee (freshly pressed in our Pavoni) and discuss art, farming, film, and generally contemplate any manifestations of topics ranging from bellybuttons to Austin traffic patterns.

The goal of this home gallery has always been more about keeping things real, and well life is about to get a little more real over here, so come on over! (ok. we would appreciate a call first!)



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