A new year, a new show and a new style of work from artists Angelina Pérez Ibargüen and Miguel Angel Morales Saenz is revealed in their show Transposiciones. These two local artists who have firmly set their names on the international stage have worked together off and on for the past ten years but for their new show neither artist has seen the work of the other. Simply the theme of “Transpositions” was set and they each set out to interpret the many meanings the word can mean from the mathematical: “a permutation which exchanges two elements and keeps all others fixed” to the logical: a rule of replacement in philosophical logic to the literal: an act, process, or instance of transposing or being transposed.

Angelina who has the longest career of the two has historically worked as a ceramic artist with a heavy inclination for installation and constructed settings. In the past couple of years however, she has branched out in part due to the support of some public grants from the Mexican government agency, FONCA, and has started to work with more reused and recycled materials on a much larger scale. In particular for her show at Bellas Artes in 2009 she converted a whole exhibition hall into a fantastical city of Styrofoam packing material and her ceramic figures were specially made to inhabit these spaces. In 2010 the artist took things one step further and made several pieces that interacted with motherboards from computers and later that year for the Polyglot Gallery Bicentennial show, “Mi Mexico”, the constructed ceramic figure completely disappeared and what remains now is simply the most mature work of her career where images are more implied. The expressed intention according to her is to create a dialog about the physical and metaphysical.
Miguel Angel Morales Saenz has historically worked hard and heavy. Common materials found in his work include rebar, cement, wax, pigments and steel. For this show, the materials haven’t changed but the work has become more architectural. This is due in part to the fact that Miguel Angel has been finishing a degree in Architecture over the past few years and has won government commissions to work on large sculptures such as the one that can be found in Mexico City close to the periferico.

It is an honor for Polyglot Gallery to inaugurate its 2012 exhibition calendar with the work of these two artists. The show opens Friday, January 6 from 5 to 7 PM at the gallery located in Fabrica La Aurora with a cocktail reception with the artists.

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