The simplicity and innate lightness of Siegel’s sculptures is what defines her work.  An artist interested in the motion of gesture, her work tends to be about the pursuit to solidify motion and to give body and vitality to the ephemeral.  Some of her sculptures literally move while others simply imply movement.  White is the prevailing color of her translucent paper sculptures however a few accents of color appear in the shape of imperfect circles and lines which seem to imply the presence of some organic being that has worked its way into the dialogue.

Light plays a major role in Siegel’s work – its ability to permeate, the way it highlights or is reflected were considerations of the artist during her process.   Most of the light is innate in the white paper and the rest is applied at the time of exhibition to create the drama and to add the finishing touches that will change depending on the space in which they ultimately reside.  The conversation of duality is also a major theme to note in her work: physical space/peripheral space, heaviness/lightness, sexy/unsexy, feminine/masculine, together/apart, offering/receiving, one/two.

“I want to develop a dialogue between gravity and flight,” explains Siegel.  “The forms are born out of lines in space.  I use line as a sign language, finding its phrases, articulating its meaning, playing with its poetry.   Wire bones and membrane skin create the structure; they also reveal the process of how the piece was made, its history.”

Participation is highly encouraged as Siegel tempts the viewer to participate in the space she creates by offering them passage through portals and over bridges.  To be in her space is a mindful experience that is meant to resonate throughout the body of those who are physically entering her world.

The public is invited to experience the work and meet the artist, Zoë Siegel, on Saturday, February 4 from 6 to 9 PM during the Aurora 8th Anniversary Party. The show is open to the public until February 29, 2012. For a PDF catalog please e-mail the gallery at info@polyglotgallery.com.

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