Chuck Rigg – Portraits & Nudes


Rigg’s work combines his love for figurative painting with his appreciation of the male figure.   He is a skilled draughtsman as demonstrated by the numerous drawing awards he has won during his career and as is visible in the line of his paintings.  Also visible are the deliberate brushstrokes that are pervasive throughout his body of work.  The expressed influence of Caravaggio, Velasquez, Degas, Matisse, and Richard Diebenkorn come through in many subtle and not so subtle ways.  Many of the backgrounds of his paintings look as if Diebenkorn himself may have painted them during his Ocean Park phase.

Rigg expresses a comfort level with the male form as he feels an intimacy with and an attraction to it that creates a stimulating environment in the studio – sometimes erotic, sometimes fraternal.  Many of his handsome models are from San Miguel and are painted live while posing in the natural light in Rigg’s top floor painting studio.    As a gay male artist painting naked men, he feels he is making some kind of a political and cultural statement which he finds adds another dimension to the choice of subject matter, “growing up gay I always felt outside the mainstream, so painting something which won’t be accepted by everyone just feels normal.”

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