Adrián Guerrero

Born in 1975 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, a very young Adrián Guerrero helped his father, Jesus Guerrero Santos – who became obsessed with 16th Century ceramics – to change careers and to reinvent himself as a ceramics artisan and now is one of the country’s most recognized and revered.  Guerrero and his father worked side-by-side for many years and experimented with ceramic glazes and techniques but where his father found beauty in the artisanal figure, Adrián found a need to break free of the utilitarian form and thus he transformed himself from artisan to artist in his mid-twenties.  Since embarking on his own path, Adrián has received wide acclaim especially in Mexico where he is often called to judge the national prize in ceramics.  He has also won numerous international prizes for his ceramic work in Korea, Spain and Italy.  Most recently Adrián was invited to show his non-ceramic work in the Venice Bienalle di Architettura in 2012.  He is in numerous private collections as well as in the Museo de Arte Popular (Mexico City), Museo de Ceramica (Manises, Spain), The University of Guadalajara, and the Museo de Arte (Zapopan, Mexico).