Angelina Pérez Ibargüen

Artist statement

The constant object of my inquiry and source of inspiration is the repetitive nature of everyday life. Those little acts, gestures and movements that make us all so equally human and yet unique.

My interest is to fabricate and describe daily, contemporary urban life.  I find it as a it a way to turn our sight to ourselves; recognize, enjoy and laugh at our contradictions, differences and interconnections.

In my ongoing project, “Ciudad Empaque” Packing/ packed City,  I am using packing materials – Styrofoam, tafoam, cardboard and plastics -, and computer parts; as a metaphor to describe how we live packed in plastic cities that produce tons of waste.

It is a collective project under my direction   I have worked with Fryda Herrera and Denisse Baca as my assistants. We either work in situ and people help in the process, or I give a workshop on construction and painting previous to the installation exhibit.  This responds to the need to enrich with new ideas and aesthetic forms as well as finding a common language.