Alejandro Rivera

Rivera epitomizes the effect of hard work, dedication and innate talent that makes for a world class artist. Primarily self-taught he was discovered in his early twenties and championed by curator and dealer Margarita Failoni. The road to success has been earned the good old fashion way, rising at dawn and working in his studio as light, patience and energy permits. After one gets to know his work it is no surprise as to why it is so successful and almost universally appealing. Each painting is a carefully crafted story of the artist’s own devise. Major themes often appear such as humor, irony, sex, innocence, contradiction, climax, mystery, intrigue; occasionally there is politics, criticism, lamentation; and always, there is beauty.

Rivera seems to find inspiration in many forms – music, literature, nature, culture, love and often in current events.  It is the nature of Rivera’s work to require of his audience true contemplation. Rarely are things quite as they appear at first site. There is a gradual unveiling of meaning over time as new images are discovered and re-interpreted. Surely it will take numerous viewings for the true meaning to become clear and perhaps, this is the most delightfully intriguing characteristic of all of Rivera’s paintings, the ability to freshly captivate the mind upon each viewing.