Michelangelo Bastiani

Michelangelo Bastiani is a Florentine artist and art curator. He graduated from the Florence Academy of Fine of Arts in 2004 with a degree from the department of Painting and Photography under Professor Gustavo Giulietti. His activity is mainly focused on video and photography. Ignoring any sense of debt to traditional art, Bastiani seeks to make a clean sweep against tradition. Nachleben’s Principle on the “Survival of the Antique”, typical of Warburg’s Theory, is intentionally not presented in the work of this artist.  The main objective of Michelangelo Bastiani is to avoid the torture of boredom for the viewer by creating a direct interaction between the work and the public, with the help of the latest digital technologies.

For links to the videos, please contact the gallery.  info@polyglotgallery.com