Nick Schnitzer

My initial training in the techniques and theories of observational representation provides me the basis on which composition, color, and form set the stage for communication and expression, and my current experiences in the building and construction trades provide invaluable lessons in efficiency of material and design, structural integrity, and form/function.

My work seeks to recognize and represent the complex and oft riddled language of the divine.  By employing the inherent connotations and anthropomorphic qualities I find in certain utilitarian objects, materials, and tools that surround me,  I aim to enter into a dialogue with the great mystery of life by creating enticing and provocative objects that answer mystery with mystery, similar to a Buddhist Koan –

What is the Sound of One hand Clapping? 

As an ardent and committed student of the esoteric and mystical teachings of many cultures, I firmly believe that all beings great and small are but seeds, called forth to evolve and eventually bear unique and very necessary fruit.  I hope to incite curiosity and entice the viewer out onto the edge where playfulness dances with danger, careening ever closer towards a bizarre and perhaps unexpected salvation.