Zoë Siegel

I am interested in line, in form, in gesture, movement, weight, gravity, and flight.  My work usually starts on the wall, but it almost always projects out into space.  I can’t help it.  Even when I’m drawing, the image begins to insist on escaping from the flat plane.

I love finding the line and seeing the history of the search, the process and its residue.  I enjoy seeing the structure, the bones, of an artwork.  I take pleasure in making something from nothing – most the materials I work with can be found in hardware and paper stores.

My body and the dualities that come with it (the space I take up/the space around me, the heaviness/lightness I feel, sexy/unsexy, feminine/masculine, together/apart, offering/receiving, one/two) are inspirations for me.

I care about the formal.  I am constantly responding to the rectangle (be it the paper of a drawing or the wall that a sculpture is mounted on).   I choose to use it and then work with, or against, it.  I love working with shape and line, breaking the rectangle, repeating a form over and over to make yet another form, making a positive and discovering that the negative is just as compelling.

Sometimes I start with the question: How can I solidify a gesture?  What does a 3 dimensional gesture look like?

Vessels (spoons, cups, saddles, corsets, bodies) offering to the viewer or asking to be filled are themes that continuously reappear in my work.  Humor and play are also consistent motifs.

Whimsical, elegant, light, and luminescent, my pieces are rooted in the motion of gesture.  They give body and vitality to the ephemeral.