Rodrigo Lara

Rodrigo Lara graduated with his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013.

Artist Statement

I grew up in Mexico in midst of the music, dance, death, corruption, colors and a good sense of humor, all of them characteristic of Mexican culture. All these things marked my view towards the world, and today play an important role in my life and my artwork. Most people smile and joke as part of everyday life in Mexico. Anything is an excuse to laugh at life.  I was part of an indie-rock group for 7 years for which I played the drums. I am convinced that the effect I feel during the execution of the work is very similar to what I feel when playing drums.

I am currently most interested in the creative process of my sculptural work.  The joy I experience when there is contact between my hands and my materials gives me a feeling that permeates my emotions.  In my studio practice, I feel a similarity between playing an instrument and the execution of the artwork.  I find the rhythm and cadence of the materials when I’m working, when I’m shaping or implementing. The sounds that occur in developing the sculpture, rhythm and hand movements are the ideal way for me to be in the world to experience life. The body actions are sometimes sudden and rapid, sometimes subtle and slow. This creative process powers my building and development of the work. Different materials such as clay, oil, bronze, acrylic, resins, wood, among others, give me chance to experience sensations that gives me the sculpture process, and allow me to develop and create my ideas: life, death, time, etc. through art.

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